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Manufacturing process

Manufacturing processThis process involves heating the powder continuously at a pre-set temperature, while simultaneously cleaning it from unwanted ingredients. Conducted under the close supervision of our expert Quality Assurance Personnel, this process results in the premium quality of the brand 'BIRD'. Chemically Plaster of Paris is calcium sulphate with half molecule of water of crystallization (CaSo4.½ H2 o) and hygroscopic characteristics are obtained by duly calcining the raw material i.e. Gypsum (CaSo4 2H2o). It possesses outstanding property of setting and subsequent hardening when mixed with water. Calcination occurs at Approximately 120 to 150°C (250 to 300°F) and 0.908 mega grams (Mg) (1 ton) of gypsum calcines to about 0.77 Mg (0.85 ton) of Plaster of Paris.
Some of the exciting variants developed in our unit include:

• The revolutionary Ready Mix POP (single substitute to inner cement plaster)
• Sanitary grade Plaster of Paris
• Pottery grade Plaster of Paris
• Commercial grade
• Medical grade
• Joint finish compounds
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